Institutional Research Review Policy

View Three Rivers Community College’s Institutional Research Review Policy

When Does the Policy apply?

This policy applies to all research conducted at Three Rivers Community College that utilizes human subjects and

  • The research is sponsored by Three Rivers Community College, or
  • The research is conducted by or under the direction of any employee or agent of Three Rivers Community College, or
  • The research involves the use of Three Rivers Community College’s non-public information to identify or contact subjects or prospective subjects.

How Does the Policy Work?

  1. The principle investigator shall submit the appropriate form along with supporting documentation to their supervising Dean.
  2. The President will be the approving authority for all research that is inter-divisional.
  3. Faculty have the responsibility to determine if students involved in course activities may require research approval.

What happens once the research request is submitted?

  1. The Director of Institutional Research will review the research proposal for adherence to the basic principles for the protection of human subjects and provide that information to the Dean (President).
  2. The Dean (President) will then make a final disposition decision and return a copy of the summary form to the PI.