Service Learning

 The community as classroom

For students who learn best by doing, and who have a genuine interest in helping others, Service Learning is an exciting option to build academic credit as well as a deeper appreciation for their community.

Service Learning is an educational project you undertake with an instructor and a community partner to design a for-credit academic pursuit centered on meeting a true need in the community. You must be a student with a high level of self direction, in good academic standing, and capable of recognizing how your field of study relates to a socially important unmet need.

Demanding independent study

Service Learning is a fulfilling experience that is also a rigorous independent academic pursuit. It is not simply volunteering, where the focus is primarily on service, nor is it an internship or field study where the focus is what you gain from the experience.

If you value taking hands-on action for the benefit of others; if you see the connection between the principles of your studies and the practicalities of today’s world; if you are open to learning lessons from people other than lecturers and instructors; if you have the discipline to be equally engaged with the community as with your studies, you might find great success and satisfaction from a Service Learning project.