Do I need to take the SAT test?

You do not need to take an SAT test to enroll. However, SAT scores and other testing play a role in your placement for math and english classes.

How soon will I hear if I have been admitted?

The Admissions Department is usually able to notify students within a week of when their applications are submitted.

What’s the deadline to apply?

Applications are accepted throughout the year. We ask that students submit their application no later than two weeks before the beginning of a semester/session.

Can I get a tour of the campus?

Campus tours are offered to individuals on a weekly basis; please allow one week to schedule a tour. Group tours can also be arranged.

What is the gender breakdown of the student body?

58% women, 42% men.

Student Life

Do I pay for parking?

Parking is free.

Is public transportation available?

Yes. The S.E.A.T. Bus connects the campus to neighborhoods in Groton, New London, Norwich, and surrounding communities. Anymore information on public transportation click here.

Can I live on campus?

No. Three Rivers does not have any dorms.

Are there resources for military veterans?

Yes. Three Rivers has an OASIS center, as well as counselors dedicated to academic advising and other support specifically for veterans.

Can I bring my support dog to class?

All students with documented disabilities are accommodated; these services are coordinated through the Counseling Center.

Is work-study available?

Yes. The Admissions and Financial Aid departments assist students with the financial aid application process, including determining a student’s eligibility for work-study funding.

Is there a gym/fitness center?

Yes. Enrolled students have access to the fitness center, which offers a variety of fitness machines and equipment.

Does Three Rivers have athletics/sports?

While there are no interscholastic athletics, there are several student club teams in a variety of team sports. Students can start a new club if there is not one for the sport they wish to participate in. Club teams play in recreational leagues in the area.

How does dining work?

Three Rivers does not have a meal plan; students pay out-of-pocket. The cafeteria is open Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM, and Friday 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM. There are also vending machines available.

Do students have Wifi?

Yes. Students log onto the college’s wifi networks using their student ID.

What if the school is closed due to weather?

Notification of weather cancellation is provided through local television and radio stations, on the college’s website, and through the school’s myCommNet communication system to which all students have access.

What is the weapons policy?

The use or possession of weapons (as defined in Section 53-206 of the Connecticut General Statutes) is prohibited on campus or at college activities.


Can I get credit for life experience?

Three Rivers offers Assessment for Prior Learning (APL), a program that enables students to get college credits for work and life experience. Our APL program is the largest within Connecticut’s community college system.

How long does it take to graduate?

Full time students can graduate with an Associate’s Degree within two years. Students can pursue degrees while enrolled only part time; the number of semesters required for part time students to graduate varies.

Can I take a single class?

Anyone can take a non-credit class (also referred to as workforce and community education classes). It is also possible to take a single for-credit class without being enrolled in a degree program.

Are internships available for students?

Students can arrange internships with businesses or organizations outside the college with the help of their advisor and advising services.

Is tutoring available?

Yes. Students can arrange tutoring through the Tutoring and Academic Success Center.

Are online classes available?

Yes. Many of our courses are available online. This is includes credit courses, which can be found listed in the Course Search, as well as non-credit classes which are available through Online Learning/Ed2Go. In addition, we now offer options for fully Online Degree and Certificate Programs.

Can I earn multiple degrees?

Yes. A student can earn two degrees in different curriculums at Three Rivers, so long as they meet the standards for academic credits within a program. Requests for additional degrees beyond the second require prior approval from the Academic Dean.

What is the student/faculty ratio?

18 to 1.

What is the average class size?


Is there an honors program?

Yes. A student wishing to participate in the Honors program must have a 3.5 high school cumulative GPA or a 3.5 college GPA based on a minimum of 12 credit hours. Letters of recommendation and other requirements must also be met. Learn more here.

Is job placement available?

Three Rivers has a Career Services department to assist students in job search assistance.