Can I Afford TRCC?

Make your money count

Three Rivers provides one of the most affordable cost-per-college-credit tuition rates you can find: $166/credit*. Tuition for an entire year, completing 24 -30 credits, is only $4,596! Or $0 for those who qualify for our PACT program!

Students who plan to complete a four-year degree at one of the dozens of universities with which we have academic transfer agreements can save tens of thousands of dollars by starting here compared to completing all four years at other institutions.

If you plan to enter the workforce after earning your Associate’s Degree, we offer numerous in-demand degrees like nuclear engineering, accounting, and nursing. Again, you will achieve your career-focused education at a mere fraction of the national average student debt, which for 2021 graduates of four-year programs is nearly $30,000. Compare that to our tuition, and remember that’s before you subtract financial aid. In other words, there is no other institution that can offer you a college education at the low cost of Three Rivers Community College.

*This in-state tuition rate is also available to residents of Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.

Cost of attending Three Rivers for two years compared to other Connecticut colleges


$0 – Three Rivers through our PACT program! (Learn more.)

$9,192 – Three Rivers

$24,608 + room & board– Connecticut State Universities (CSU)

$37,048 + room & board– UConn

$41,776 + room & board– Goodwin College

$87,120 + room & board – University of Hartford (UH)

(All figures are for 2021 and include tuition and fees for two years, not room and board.)

Visit our Tuition & Fees page for all the details

Over 67% of our students qualify for financial aid

Our Financial Aid office will help you throughout the process of applying for federal, state, and other forms of financial aid.

Once enrolled at Three Rivers, you have the opportunity to earn scholarships and grants related to your field of study based on your academic performance and other criteria (your advisor will help you apply). There are also work-study opportunities available for eligible students.