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The accounting field is among the fastest growing in Southeastern Connecticut. The Accounting Career Degree will provide you with the classes needed to obtain employment in the accounting and tax fields. Some of the specialized classes include Accounting Computer Applications (QuickBooks) and Federal Income Tax. Many of the courses required to complete the program are offered during the day, evening and online for your convenience. After the degree is completed, you will have the classes needed to obtain employment as a bookkeeper, assist with tax preparation, and various account reconciliations for accounting firms and small businesses.

Special Opportunities

All of our accounting faculty have worked or are currently working in the accounting and tax fields. Their experience includes “Big 4” accounting firms as well as local and regional accounting firms, the insurance industry, and municipality work. In addition to their experience, their degrees and certifications include MBA, MSAT, MSA, MST, JD, and CPA designations.

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Career Options

Accounting Firms
Local Casinos
Payroll Companies
Tax Preparation Businesses
Small Businesses
Junior Accountants
Accounting Clerks
Tax Preparation Assistant

Easy Transfer Options

University of Connecticut

University of Saint Joseph

University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut

Related Degrees & Certificates

Accounting Transfer, A.S.
Business Administration Transfer, A.S.
Business Administration, A.S.
Marketing Transfer, A.S.
Accounting Certificate
Accounting Core Certificate
Basic Business Skills Certificate
Business Administration Certificate
Business Management Core Certificate
Communication and Customer Relations Certificate
Customer Service Certificate


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