Registration Information

Here is some helpful information from the Registrar’s Office for new students who have already registered for classes.

Add or Drop classes

Students who have registered and wish to add or drop a course may do so online or in person at the Registrar’s Office during the first week of the semester.

Second Week of the Semester

Classes cannot be added in the second week of the start of the semester.  Students who wish to add a course in the second week of classes may wish to consider our Accelerated Courses.

Dropping a Class or Classes

Instructor signature is not required to drop a course. See reduction in credit/partial refund information below.

Add Class

Courses can be added online during the first week of classes.

Drop Class

Courses cannot be dropped online after the Add/Drop period ends.

Reduction in Credit/Partial Refund

Reduction in credit load on or before the end of the Add/Drop period will entitle the student to a partial refund of tuition for General Fund courses in accordance with the refund policy discussed in the Financial Aid section.

No refunds are granted after the 14th day of the semester.

Financial Aid

Students receiving Financial Aid are strongly recommended that you contact the Financial Aid Office prior to making schedule changes if you will be reducing your credit and are less than full-time.

Password Reset or NetID Look-up

If you know your student ID number and the answer to your security question, you can reset your password at

If you do not know your student ID number or password, you may click on Forgot your NetID or your Password to reset your information

If the password reset doesn’t work because of missing information such as SSN or DOB or because the answer to the security question is not known, students may contact the Registrar’s office for assistance 860-215-9064.

The Registrar’s Office cannot release student ID numbers via telephone or email.


Contact the Registrar’s Office
Room A115
Phone: 860-215-9064
Fax:  860-215-9919