Paying for TRCC

A great investment, without investing greatly

Concern about the cost of higher education is understandable. It’s also easy to understand why Three Rivers is a smart choice. You will discover our cost-per-college-credit is among the strongest values anywhere in Connecticut. This is especially true for students transferring on to four-year schools — the savings on tuition alone can range from just over $10,000 at a state college to over $60,000 for private. See exactly how much on our Tuition & Fees page.


You might be surprised how affordable Three Rivers can be.

2 years at TRCC

Minimal student loan debt

The variety of classes and flexible scheduling enables many Three Rivers students to earn an income while pursuing their studies. Depending on your circumstances, you could be like many of our graduates who enter the workforce with student debt that is a fraction of the national average.


We try hard to make higher education accessible to as many folks as possible.

Students Receiving Financial Aid

Helping you get everything you deserve

If you need guidance or advice in pursuing assistance such as student loans or other financial aid, we can help. The community of Three Rivers students is diverse: chances are good that we have helped someone facing the same questions or concerns that you have. From veterans’ benefits to credits you may have earned in high school, we will help you get the very most for your money.