Youth Count Survey a Success!

homeless student count

Sharon Lincoln and Meg Wichser survey students.

Three Rivers was a successful participant in the Youth Count Survey as part of the 2018 CT Coalition to End Homelessness. Over the course of a week, set up in several locations, over 160 students were “counted” and four were referred on to Student Support Specialist Sharon Lincoln, the point person for homeless students on campus. Her role is to ensure that students have access to resources that will help them be successful students. This includes connecting them with the food pantry, scholarships, off campus resources and more.

The Youth Count is in its third year and helps identify homeless and unstably housed youth, many of whom never enter homeless shelters. Three Rivers collaborates with the Coalition to attain a comprehensive count to understand better the scope of the magnitude, needs, and demographics of homeless youth in CT.

If you are a student who needs help finding food or shelter, or if you know a student who might, please contact Sharon Lincoln at 860-215-9264 to set up a consultation.

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