College Credit for High School Students

Did you know as a high school student you’re able to take college credit courses for free?

You’ll benefit from:

  • Free College Credits in High School
  • Saving money on college tuition
  • Graduating from college early
  • Reducing your course load while in college
  • An opportunity for career exploration ­– ­ you can try a greater variety of courses
  • Graduating from high school with a college transcript – a plus when applying to college or for a job
  • Immediate acceptance into Three Rivers Community College
  • Demonstrating to college admissions officials that you are capable of succeeding in college-level courses
  • Preparation for highly skilled, high paying jobs

So, take advantage of this opportunity. Here are college credit programs just for high school students.

College Career Pathways

The College Career Pathways (CCP) program is a concurrent or dual enrollment program for high school students administered by Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) in their own high school. Students gain exposure to the academic challenges of college while in their familiar high school environment, earning college credit and a college transcript when they successfully complete the course. Concurrent enrollment supports the collaboration between high school teachers and Three Rivers faculty.

College Career Pathways focuses on math, science, communications, and career related skills necessary to become prepared for continued education and the competitive job market thus encouraging the alignment of secondary and postsecondary curriculum. Learn more.

High School Partnership

We are excited to offer eligible high school juniors and seniors an early college experience through taking college-level courses on our campus via the High School Partnership (HSP) scholarship program. This program is ideal for students who wish to:

  • study subjects not offered in high school,
  • broaden their education, earn college credits,
  • explore career options or build on their skills.

Students selected to participate in the HSP program will be funded for one college course for the spring and/or fall semester on a space available basis. Special fees, such as course lab fees and art studio fees, books/supplies, and transportation are the students’ responsibility. Learn more.

Three Rivers Middle College Magnet High School

This is a dual enrollment high school for students in grades 11-12, located on the campus of Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Connecticut. In order to attend, students must submit an application. There is a lottery system for acceptance into TRMC. Students who already attend TRMC do not need to re-apply each year, and may attend TRMC through both grade levels.

At Three Rivers Middle College, all students will complete high school graduation requirements and at the same time take college courses at Three Rivers Community College. By taking college classes, students earning credits will be able to transfer to many year institution. By attending Three Rivers Middle College students benefit from.

  • Automatic attendance to Three Rivers Community College
  • Earlier College graduation
  • Savings in college tuition
  • Graduating high school with a college transcript ­­­­– a plus when applying to college or for a job

Learn more.