Disability Services/Accommodations

At Three Rivers, disability is not an obstacle to college success.

We welcome students who have a variety of educational goals.

We offer academic adjustments/accommodations for those students who have documented disabilities.

There are three easy steps to get the process started:

1. Disclose

To start the process, click on and complete the following form: Disability Self Disclosure.

2. Provide Documentation

Once we receive your form, you will be sent a letter requesting documentation which includes a diagnostic statement, diagnostic testing, functional impacts of the disability, medications, treatments, assistive devices and suggestions for academic adjustments.

3. Meet with a TRCC Disabilities Advisor

Once your documentation has been received, one of our disabilities advisors will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss your educational needs and the process for implementing academic adjustments.

Not sure if you qualify for accommodations?

Some students may not have been assessed in the traditional high school environment for a disability. If this is applicable to you, and you feel an assessment is warranted, the following resources may be of assistance:

Direct Service Providers

Dr. Henry Crabbe, New London, CT (860) 444-8877
Dr. Sarah Hodgson, Hebron, CT (860) 916-0341
Dr. Barry Lewis, Mansfield CT (860) 423-9911
Dr. Kathleen Murphy, Dayville, CT (860) 779-7767
Dr. Jennifer Selden, Groton, CT (860) 449-0299
Connecticut Behavioral Health (Medicaid), New London, CT (860) 437-6914
Sound Counseling Services (Medicaid), New London, CT (860) 439-6480

Referral Agencies

Learning Disability Association of Connecticut (Sliding Scale Fees)  (860) 560-1711
University of Connecticut Psychological Services Clinic (Sliding Fee Scales), Storrs, CT (860) 486-2642


See additional listings of evaluators at: UCONN referral list