Tutoring and Academic Success Centers (TASC)

The Three Rivers Community College TASC is the location for all your tutoring needs and more.

TASC is a collaborative team of faculty, staff, and students. We provide a learner-centered environment that facilitates improved performance and persistence for all students. We:

  • offer responsive, accessible, and supportive tutoring for all levels of learners
  • sponsor many types of academic support including one-on-one, group, and in-class tutoring; presentations; and skill-building workshops
  • support faculty by providing additional resources in and out of the classroom
  • help students learn how to learn

Where are we located….

The Tutoring and Academic Success Centers (TASC) are located along the C-wing corridor in room C-113. The TASC space is the first glass door on your left once you pass the library on the way to the cafeteria. 

When are we there…

TASC is open during the week. At present, we do not have any weekend hours, so services are not available on Saturday or Sunday. For the fall 2023 semester, we will be open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9am to 8pm, 9am to 6:30pm on Tuesdays, and 9am to 4pm on Fridays.

What do we do…

TASC provides free tutoring services across the curriculum in most subjects:

  • Math (all levels)
  • Science (physics, biological sciences, chemistry)
  • Social sciences and humanities (history, psychology, English, etc.)
  • Computer applications (availability varies)
  • Writing for all subjects

TASC tutors can help with course content, homework problems, test preparation, and writing papers. We offer both face-to-face appointments and remote appointments via videoconferencing.

Who we are…

Our staff members are varied in terms of credentials and experience, so we can almost always find the right fit for student needs:

  • Professional tutors– minimum of a bachelor’s degree in subject area
  • Peer tutors– high level of achievement in subject area and first-hand familiarity with many instructors
  • Faculty volunteers– TRCC faculty members who give their time to assist students

How does it work…

Schedule appointments in person, online, and by phone. For information on hours, availability, and paper submission status:

  • TASC reception desk (860) 215-9082

We will be using a new cloud-based scheduling system in the fall that will allow students to schedule their appointments online. Look for updates at the beginning of the semester.

If you run into any if you run into problems setting up an appointment, contact the acting TASC Director, Jon Brammer jbrammer@trcc.commnet.edu  (860) 215-9214

Email paper review…

The Writing Center also offers an e-mail paper review service for any writing in any course; we can also review other documents like cover letters and transfer essays. Send a copy of your draft as a file attachment to TRWritingCenter@trcc.commnet.edu

Include the information relevant to your submission:

  • Your full name
  • Your BANNER I.D. number
  • Your instructor’s name
  • The name and number of the course for which you are submitting the paper
  • A brief description of the assignment, including any grading criteria that are available; what were you asked to do?
  • Any specific concerns you have about the paper
  • A copy of your draft, either cut and pasted into the body of the e-mail or attached as a .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .odt, .doc, or .docx file. We will not log in to an account to view text shared from cloud storage.

Do you have questions about our services?

Give a call to our main scheduling desk at (860) 215-9082 or send an email to “Ask TASC” at TASC@trcc.commnet.edu