Mission, Vision and Values

Three Rivers Community College Mission

Three Rivers is an accessible, affordable, and culturally diverse community college that meets varied educational needs by creating an environment that stimulates learning.

To accomplish its mission, Three Rivers Community College:

  • Offers post-secondary educational opportunities;
  • Encourages lifelong learning;
  • Provides a well-rounded and rewarding educational experience with an emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, and the College’s institutional values;
  • Fosters an appreciation of the natural and social sciences, humanities, technology, and the arts;
  • Helps students achieve their goals;
  • Serves as a community resource for people and institutions within its service area;
  • Delivers its services efficiently and measurably; and
  • Contributes to economic development of this region and the state.

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement: Three Rivers Community College will be a college of choice with a reputation for innovation, quality, and accessibility, serving a dynamic student population.

TRCC Values Statement

Three Rivers Community College values:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Integrity and Service
  • Community and Diversity

TRCC’s Values in Action

Teaching and Learning – Instruction that stresses close consideration, critical analysis, and careful design; collaborative, nurturing, learning communities that foster student success; active, innovative teaching strategies, including a commitment to learning through service; learning for lifelong achievement, growth, development and satisfaction;

Integrity and Service – Responsibility to oneself, one’s peers, one’s colleagues and one’s community; trust and confidence in our academic programs; an atmosphere of collegiality across the academy;

Community and Diversity – Access for all regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, orientation, or disability; civic engagement within and outside the college; academic, social and technical resources for citizens within our service area.

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

Three Rivers Community College is a member of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU), which oversees Connecticut’s 12 community colleges, four state universities (Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western) and Charter Oak State College. CSCU is governed by the Board of Regents for Higher Education (BOR). Learn more about CSCU’s Mission, Vision and Goals.