Life After TRCC

Go on to great things

Your ambitions are your own — your opportunities after college are just as unique. Three Rivers is responsive to the realities of today's job market and our region's growth. By providing affordable classes and through agreements with other colleges that enable students to save thousands when pursuing a four-year degree, we set you on your way with minimal debt and maximum possibilities.

An education that works for you

As a Three Rivers student, you will have guidance in selecting studies that suit your interests, your strengths, and your goals. We also provide you with the resources and flexibility to make your studies work with the other responsibilities you have at work or at home. Eventually, as a graduate, you will have the skills the region’s employers seek from an institution they recognize and trust.

Alumni: a community within our community

Three Rivers alumni can be found in nearly every aspect of the public and private sectors across southern Connecticut. You can be a part of this diverse and vibrant group; our Alumni Foundation is a growing force in enriching the community. We always love hearing what our alumni are up to!