Three Rivers wins a Gold Award from Education Digital Marketing Awards

Sample of Three Rivers Community College Digital Marketing AdThree Rivers Community College is pleased to announce that it has received the Gold Award from Education Digital Marketing Awards in the category of Electronic Advertising for Two Year Colleges with an enrollment of 2,500-7,500 for its summer digital marketing campaign, Building Fall 2016 Enrollment.  The Gold Award also recognized Calculate, a digital marketing agency that specializes in higher education enrollment and that created the campaign in conjunction with Three River’s Marketing Department.

The campaign helped the College bolster enrollment and meet its target for the fall semester using a combination of ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google that focused on themes of affordability, quality, fall enrollment and a Super Saturday event. Success was determined by the number of individuals who clicked on an ad and went on to a landing page. Additionally the broad reach of the campaign (over 49,000 unique Facebook and Instagram users) and the large number of impressions (over 437,000) served as a secondary, yet extensive branding and awareness campaign.

The Fourth Annual Education Digital Marketing Awards are sponsored by Higher Education Marketing Report. Over 1,000 entries were received from colleges, universities and secondary schools. Judges for the Education Digital Marketing Awards consisted of a national panel of higher education marketers, advertising creative directors, marketing and advertising professionals and the editorial board of Higher Education Marketing Report. The complete list of this year’s winners is available on their website:

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