Dominion Video Features TRCC’s Nuclear Engineering Program

Dominion/Millstone Power Station created a video featuring their partnership with TRCC’s Nuclear Engineering Technology program.

This partnership goes back to 1983 when the program was created. It has been cited as “the best nuclear technology program in the country” by former Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner William D. Magwood, IV. It leads to a career as a technician for the commercial nuclear power industry and the health physics field, or to continued bachelor degree studies.

Dominion began offering their scholarship and internship program starting in 1985. Currently, 16 full-ride scholarships which include tuition and fees, books, and a monthly stipend, plus 16 paid summer internships at Dominion’s Millstone Power Station are available each year.

Interested in learning more about Dominion? Visit Dominion Millstone Power Station and Dominion Educational Programs.


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