Spring 2017 Dean’s List Announced

Three Rivers Campus in SpringThree Rivers Community College is pleased to release the Spring 2017 Dean’s List for publication. Congratulations to those students who made the Dean’s List this spring!

Students earn their place on the Dean’s List by receiving a 3.4 or higher grade point average based on a minimum of 12 credit hours.

The list of student names ordered by last name can be found below. A list of student names in order by town can be found here.

List of Students by Last Name

Brendan T. Aceto, Wethersfield, CT

Lanaya A. Addis, Groton, CT

Aaron L. Albee, Columbia, CT

Ali L. Ali, East Lyme, CT

Justine R. Allard, Uncasville, CT

Adam C. Anderson, Bozrah, CT

Christopher Annino, North Stonington, CT

Mackenzie L. Ansich, Lebanon, CT

Tiffany L. Antaya, Canterbury, CT

Nathan D. Antoszek, Niantic, CT

Catalina Anzola, Norwich, CT

Nathaniel Ashbey, Waterford, CT

Alexander P. Athenian, Waterford, CT

Samantha J. Baatz, New London, CT

Shaun-Paul A. Baerveldt, San Marcos, TX

Dylan Bagg, Ledyard, CT

Selena M. Baker, Norwich, CT

Chelsea R. Baker, Waterford, CT

Sarah J. Ballard, Norwich, CT

Kimberly A. Ballestrini, Preston, CT

Mary C. Baudro, Gales Ferry, CT

Chad W. Beane, Gales Ferry, CT

Sarah M. Behne, Norwich, CT

Aimee M. Belhumeur, Groton, CT

Michael V. Bellantoni, Norwich, CT

Jillian C. Bellman, Chaplin, CT

Heather M. Bentley, Norwich, CT

Christopher M. Berg, Mystic, CT

Shannon L. Bergeron, Willimantic, CT

Emily M. Bigelow, Oakdale, CT

Michelle Billips, Norwich, CT

Mark E. Bishop, Uncasville, CT

Marvarie Blair, Norwich, CT

Caitlyn R. Blanchard, North Franklin, CT

Christina J. Bottomley, Norwich, CT

Brendon K. Bourcier, Colchester, CT

Adjana Bouzi, Norwich, CT

Arrianna R. Boyden, Preston, CT

Patrick R. Boyle, New London, CT

Julia Breen, Norwich, CT

Evan A. Bresnan, North Stonington, CT

Lee G. Brewer, Uncasville, CT

Brittany M. Brewster, Norwich, CT

Vincent C. Brodeur, Mystic, CT

Christian J. Brown, Pawcatuck, CT

Francesca M. Brown, Lisbon, CT

Susan A. Broyles, Norwich, CT

Sean M. Bruyere, Griswold, CT

James M. Bryan, Voluntown, CT

Ashley A. Bubna, Norwich, CT

Emily R. Buck, Pawcatuck, CT

Zaha Bush, Salem, CT

Amanda Caouette, Baltic, CT

Laura J. Carchidi, Griswold, CT

Kevin M. Carpenter, Mystic, CT

Noah A. Carr, Baltic, CT

Jake V. Carrara, Niantic, CT

Heather A. Carroll, Groton, CT

Patrick C. Cartier, Colchester, CT

Bridney N. Casillas, New London, CT

Lauri J. Chabot-Noonan, North Stonington, CT

Cheryl Chapados, Ledyard, CT

Jessica Chappelle, Uncasville, CT

Justin Cheung, Norwich, CT

Evan M. Christian, Niantic, CT

Heidi J. Chronister, Pawcatuck, CT

Rebecca M. Cipriani, Baltic, CT

Antonio D. Clapp-Farinha, Gales Ferry, CT

Stacy E. Clark, Pawcatuck, CT

Bryan A. Clesowich, Norwich, CT

Keith D. Combs, Columbia, CT

John E. Connors, Norwich, CT

Alison V. Converse, Preston, CT

Christa M. Conville, Ledyard, CT

Silvia Y. Cooke Salinas, New London, CT

Jean M. Coronado, Groton, CT

Catia E. Correia, Norwich, CT

Heather M. Cote, New London, CT

Peter A. Crizer, Waterford, CT

Sophia P. Cross, Plainfield, CT

Elizabeth N. Crowley, Baltic, CT

Caitlyn A. Cubilla, Norwich, CT

Camelia Daniels, New London, CT

Christine E. David, Waterford, CT

Courtney Davis, Lisbon, CT

Jamie Lynn Davis, Norwich, CT

Heather N. Day, Oakdale, CT

Luis A. Delgado, Norwich, CT

Taylor Desjardins, Plainfield, CT

Angeline Deslandes, Norwich, CT

Marangely Diaz-Ortiz, Willimantic, CT

Marissa Digby, Bozrah, CT

Raven Dillon, Windham, CT

Ashley A. Doak, Niantic, CT

David M. Donnelly, Branford, CT

Peter Dorff, Griswold, CT

Theodore Douglas, Niantic, CT

Paul J. Doyle, Colchester, CT

Isabel E. Dubert, Griswold, CT

David M. Dutcher, Norwich, CT

John A. Dwyer, Colchester, CT

Nicholas J. Dydo, Norwich, CT

Adam J. Dyer, Canterbury, CT

Justin M. Elliott, Waterford, CT

Heather R. Emerich, Jewett City, CT

Jacob D. Epps, New London, CT

Kelly M. Etheridge, Moosup, CT

Ann M. Everett, Centerbrook, CT

David M. Fehnel, Plainfield, CT

Kimberly M. Feraco, Ledyard, CT

Dominique A. Files, Ledyard, CT

Michael C. Flanagan, Moosup, CT

Kylie Flanagan, Amston, CT

Kevin R. Fletcher, Dayville, CT

Kristina M. Flint, New London, CT

Estrella Flores, Norwich, CT

Carson M. Flowers, Groton, CT

Sophia M. Formiglio, Bozrah, CT

Frederic Francois, New London, CT

Maria E. French, Voluntown, CT

Alexander H. Fritz, Norwich, CT

Stephanie Frommelt, Norwich, CT

Brieanna M. Fuentes, Salem, CT

Shannondoa Gaertner, Preston, CT

Rachel P. Gaines, East Lyme, CT

Alexa M. Gardner, East Lyme, CT

Kyle J. Gates, San Clemente, CA

Paul J. Gazzola, Dayville, CT

Jennifer L. Gebhard, Ledyard, CT

Alicia C. Gilbride, Uncasville, CT

Kyle W. Gless, Norwich, CT

Adam J. Goncalves, Niantic, CT

Jillian F. Goucher, Old Lyme, CT

Danuta B. Grabowska, Norwich, CT

Jared R. Gray IV, Pawcatuck, CT

Chelsey Gribbin, Bozrah, CT

Kimberlee F. Grohocki, Waterford, CT

Yarinette Grosswiler, Baltic, CT

Theresa A. Hall, Lyme, CT

Nichole C. Hall, Groton, CT

Anthony S. Hall, Uncasville, CT

Patience M. Hamilton, Taftville, CT

Nicholas Hampton, Mystic, CT

Ashley N. Hanson, East Lyme, CT

Curt D. Hart, Uncasville, CT

Jefferey P. Hart, New London, CT

Kylie S. Hart, Sterling, CT

Elizabeth M. Hasara, Uncasville, CT

Zoe Hayn, Colchester, CT

Cora L. Hayward, Norwich, CT

Joy V. Hedding, Sterling, CT

Amber W. Heenan, Waterford, CT

Curt A. Heon, Griswold, CT

Elaine A. Herman, Norwich, CT

Alyssa L. Hess, Lisbon, CT

Megan L. Hessling, Waterford, CT

Heather N. Hine, Preston, CT

Andrew Hoagland, Willimantic, CT

Carl T. Hogsten, Gales Ferry, CT

Carol L. Holderman, Preston, CT

Lisa M. Holliday, Griswold, CT

Thomas J. Houghton, Preston, CT

John Hoult, Waterford, CT

Cole J. Houshower, Mystic, CT

Daniel A. Huacho, New London, CT

Wei Huang, Uncasville, CT

Ivanna M. Hugo, Waterford, CT

Samantha E. Ingalls, Ledyard, CT

Alanna D. Insalaco, Central Village, CT

Alexander L. John, Norwich, CT

Kiari Johnson-Claudio, Salem, CT

Kristin A. Johnston, Groton, CT

Malinda Johnston, South Windsor, CT

Zachary C. Jones, Groton, CT

Lydia L. Jones, Norwich, CT

Jude Joseph, New London, CT

Isaiah G. Joyner, North Franklin, CT

Aaron Juarez, Willimantic, CT

Sarah E. Kalbach, Gales Ferry, CT

Debra S. Kerby, Griswold, CT

Ronald Kersey, New London, CT

Hunter E. Kile, Norwich, CT

Justin A. King, Colchester, CT

Brandon Kinnie, Jewett City, CT

Joseph C. Klimaszewski, Old Lyme, CT

Christopher A. Knight, Jewett City, CT

Jared D. Kobyluck, Oakdale, CT

Alex A. Konow, North Franklin, CT

Christina Y. Konstantinidis, Canterbury, CT

Daniel C. Korponai, Norwich, CT

Heather K. Korsu, Griswold, CT

Timothy Y. Kung, Colchester, CT

Kyle D. Kurtz, Colchester, CT

Melissa Kuster, Colchester, CT

Vincent A. LaBarbera, Ledyard, CT

Amanda L. Lacerte, Colchester, CT

Austin LaCroix, Griswold, CT

Jennifer L. Lafayette, Canterbury, CT

Rebecca L. Laguerre, Norwich, CT

Sydney E. Lakowsky, Oakdale, CT

Hunter T. Lane, Groton, CT

Rebecca J. Lang, Lisbon, CT

David P. Lassan, Sterling, CT

Cynthia N. Lassiter, Norwich, CT

First_Name MI. Last_Name, City, State

Amanda L. Lawton, Uncasville, CT

Thuan M. Le, Norwich, CT

Daniel J. Lemik, Lebanon, CT

Bryan J. Lesire, Uncasville, CT

Megan E. Levin, Jewett City, CT

Johnny Liang, Norwich, CT

Sierra M. Libby, Groton, CT

Caylee E. Liebig, Norwich, CT

Anh P. Lieu, Norwich, CT

Chi P. Lieu, Norwich, CT

Lauren M. Limauge, East Lyme, CT

Karen P. Littell, Uncasville, CT

Fengying Liu, Groton, CT

Justin C. Longton, Oakdale, CT

Gabriel G. Lozada, Taftville, CT

Nicholas T. Luberto, Windham, CT

Tan Dung Luong, Norwich, CT

Heather A. Lussier, Norwich, CT

Gabriel M. Lytle, Oakdale, CT

Taylor E. Mahan, Groton, CT

Kathryn M. Mahoney, North Franklin, CT

Katelynne N. Main, Griswold, CT

Sarah E. Majchrzak, East Lyme, CT

Brian A. Major, Waterford, CT

Christopher D. Mansfield, Norwich, CT

Robert Marku, New London, CT

Phoebe E. Marsh, Preston, CT

Heather A. Mars-Martins, North Stonington, CT

Linda C. Martin, Quaker Hill, CT

Rolando R. Martinez, Groton, CT

Jordan A. Mason, Wauregan, CT

Chelsea L. Matarese, Salem, CT

Tyanne M. Mateo-Petry, Niantic, CT

Timothy J. Matson, Brooklyn, CT

Lee A. Matteau, Norwich, CT

Andrew McCauley, Pawcatuck, CT

Alisha M. McCoy, Groton, CT

James McCutcheon, North Stonington, CT

Allison E. McDonald, Mystic, CT

Amber R. McDonnell, Moodus, CT

Nicholas E. McDonough, Oakdale, CT

Jessee R. McDonough, Norwich, CT

Alison E. McGinn, Oakdale, CT

Wyatt S. McGowan, North Stonington, CT

Emma R. McGuinness, Colchester, CT

Evert F. McKee, Woodstock, CT

Patrick A. Meagher, Dayville, CT

Juan R. Melecio, Jewett City, CT

Natasha S. Merchant, New London, CT

Sarah M. Messick, Jewett City, CT

Samuel Michaud, Old Lyme, CT

Phillip Michel, Jewett City, CT

Samantha J. Michon, Waterford, CT

David W. Miller, New London, CT

Jeffrey Miller, Norwich, CT

Kyron T. Milner, Uncasville, CT

Alaina H. Milukas, Quaker Hill, CT

Melissa C. Mondesir, New London, CT

Sara L. Morabito, Gales Ferry, CT

Abigail Moran, Griswold, CT

Douglas C. Morey, Pawcatuck, CT

Elizabeth A. Morgan, Pawcatuck, CT

Kelly A. Morgan, Norwich, CT

Deeann T. Morton, Uncasville, CT

Ashley L. Morytko, Colchester, CT

Aimee A. Moulin-Sehl, Lebanon, CT

Kyle A. Muenzner, Scotland, CT

Allison E. Murphy, Pawcatuck, CT

Jessica L. Murphy, Gales Ferry, CT

Olivia M. Murphy, Mansfield Center, CT

Robert L. Murray, Ledyard, CT

Heidi M. Murray, Waterford, CT

John C. Napier, New London, CT

Tania Nasrin, Waterford, CT

Jordyn T. Natale, Colchester, CT

Summer L. Nebelski, Waterford, CT

Brianna M. Neese, Groton, CT

Steve T. Nemec, Ledyard, CT

Abigail L. Newsome, Norwich, CT

Jia Yi Ng, Norwich, CT

Kerry N. Nicholson, Waterford, CT

Sean M. Nixon, Salem, CT

Devin J. Noe, Salem, CT

Flore S. Norceide, Norwich, CT

Katherine E. Norton, Hampton, CT

Claire E. Nortz, Salem, CT

Andrew R. Nyman, Norwich, CT

Thomas H. Obey, Gales Ferry, CT

Hannah Olender, Norwich, CT

Stacey L. Olivieri, Colchester, CT

Lauren K. O’Neill, Waterford, CT

Amanda J. Orkney, Oakdale, CT

Stacy L. Owen, Jewett City, CT

Stefanie C. Owens, New London, CT

Travis J. Palardy, Groton, CT

Heather L. Palardy, Groton, CT

Genevieve K. Paradis, Norwich, CT

Giulia Parker, Groton, CT

Mira P. Patel, Waterford, CT

Gerardie V. Paul, Norwich, CT

Cody A. Pearson, Griswold, CT

Chelsea A. Peck, Norwich, CT

Kimberly D. Pedchenko, Plainfield, CT

Christine Pellot, Norwich, CT

Gabrielle N. Pensis, Jewett City, CT

Raven D. Peres, Groton, CT

Briana Perkins, Pawcatuck, CT

Kevin M. Perreault, Lebanon, CT

Shelyese L. Perry, Norwich, CT

Timothy C. Petersen, East Lyme, CT

Kevin Peterson, New London, CT

Heather N. Phillips, Norwich, CT

Jina A. Picard, Plainfield, CT

Leah M. Picard, Portland, CT

David L. Pinto, Colchester, CT

Alexis A. Pizzo, Norwich, CT

Danielle M. Poehler, Groton, CT

Julianne Poirier, North Stonington, CT

Erica L. Powley, Colchester, CT

Andres A. Prada, Norwich, CT

Zhima Quzong, Uncasville, CT

Breanna L. Racicot, Uncasville, CT

Sashalisse M. Ramos, Willimantic, CT

Dwight S. Ramos, New London, CT

Jandre Ramos, East Hartford, CT

Austyn O. Ramsay, New London, CT

Patrick G. Ray, Norwich, CT

Christine M. Reed, Groton, CT

Erica T. Reed, Lisbon, CT

Jessica A. Reid, Griswold, CT

Aaron Reininger, Groton, CT

Christopher M. Renaud, Pawcatuck, CT

Alex R. Reynolds, Waterford, CT

Michelle Reynolds, Ledyard, CT

Jean M. Rienzo, Gales Ferry, CT

Miguel A. Rios, Norwich, CT

Jasmin Rivas, Uncasville, CT

Miranda Rivera-Gardner, Lisbon, CT

Emily A. Rix, Voluntown, CT

Michael J. Robertson, Ledyard, CT

Avery J. Robinson, Griswold, CT

Michael D. Rockwell, Norwich, CT

Nataliia Romanenko, Niantic, CT

Cecilia O. Romeiro, Colchester, CT

Zachary T. Rood, Thompson, CT

Caroline M. Rose, Waterford, CT

Elizabeth Rose, Pawcatuck, CT

Nikolaos Rotas, Storrs Mansfield, CT

Ryan A. Rubin, Colchester, CT

Fania Rukundo, Norwich, CT

Emily A. Russell, Jewett City, CT

Cara N. Russo, Griswold, CT

David J. Rygielski, Norwich, CT

Gregory Saintuma, Norwich, CT

Yeltsin Sanchez, Groton, CT

Kelly A. Sanders, Salem, CT

Thomas O. Sanders, Salem, CT

Anthony F. Sargenti, Norwich, CT

Rebekah M. Sawyer, East Lyme, CT

Adam M. Saxton, Marlborough, CT

Ericka Schaedler, Griswold, CT

Jason A. Scherff, Colchester, CT

Carol M. Schmardel, Clinton, CT

Samantha J. Seddon, Oakdale, CT

Thomas P. Semnoski, East Lyme, CT

Bethany M. Sewart, Norwich, CT

Katherine Shea, Norwich, CT

Jessica M. Shumbo, Salem, CT

Christina R. Silva, East Lyme, CT

Myka B. Silvia, Pawcatuck, CT

Henley I. Smith, Norwich, CT

Timothy J. Smith, Derby, CT

Eric T. Smith, Mystic, CT

Kathryn I. Snider, Groton, CT

Kayla Spaulding, Pawcatuck, CT

Jedidiah J. Sprague, Hampton, CT

Casey M. Starkel, Hampton, CT

Ronnie J. Steele, Niantic, CT

Tamara L. Steendam, Canterbury, CT

Scott S. Stephenson, Salem, CT

Anna C. Stewart, North Stonington, CT

Gail Stiegler, Westbrook, CT

Tanissa M. Still, New London, CT

Cassandra M. Stimson, Canterbury, CT

Nicole L. Stitz-Galvan, Groton, CT

Nathan C. Storey, North Stonington, CT

Dawn M. Sullivan, Groton, CT

Jessica Susara, Niantic, CT

Rayn E. Sylvester, Willimantic, CT

John R. Szruba, Moosup, CT

Suleima Tank, Groton, CT

Emily A. Taylor, Scotland, CT

Samantha B. Taylor, Norwich, CT

Mark J. Tebbets, Pawcatuck, CT

Marcela Tejada, Groton, CT

Bethany Telgarsky, Norwich, CT

Krystan P. Terrell, New London, CT

Smith Thomas, Norwich, CT

Nolan Tonucci, Jewett City, CT

Zachary W. Topping, Jewett City, CT

Anetta M. Torres-Krupa, Preston, CT

Lucero Truszkowski, New London, CT

Sarah A. Truth, Pawcatuck, CT

Haley M. Turano, Lisbon, CT

Alix A. Turner, Lyme, CT

Jacob A. Turner, Waterford, CT

Brittany L. Turner, Groton, CT

Orisheju A. Ukuedojor, Taftville, CT

Alexis J. Underwood, Norwich, CT

Joshua W. Upham, East Lyme, CT

Kelly A. Urbanowicz, Lebanon, CT

Kayla D. Van Voorhies, Old Lyme, CT

Elizabeth M. Vantroba, Gales Ferry, CT

Matthew B. VanVolkenburg, Gales Ferry, CT

Tad I. Varas, Norwich, CT

Paul L. Venditti, Groton, CT

Samantha Venturo, Norwich, CT

Aleksandr A. Vyatkin, Groton, CT

Joshua D. Wade, Griswold, CT

Hayley J. Wagner, Colchester, CT

Anna M. Wagner, Ledyard, CT

Dalton E. Wall, East Hampton, CT

Travis O. Walls, Uncasville, CT

Tiffany M. Walsh, Pawcatuck, CT

Bo Wang, North Franklin, CT

Jennifer A. Ward, Uncasville, CT

Renee J. Watrous, Hanover, CT

Holly Watson, Norwich, CT

Joshua J. Way, Norwich, CT

Tanya S. Wheeler, Groton, CT

Mary E. Whitcomb, Griswold, CT

Ross D. White, Groton, CT

John R. White, Norwich, CT

Jane A. Williams, Colchester, CT

Derrian D. Williams, Norwich, CT

Amanda L. Williams, New London, CT

Kevin M. Williams, Columbia, CT

Alexis Williams, Plainfield, CT

Cindy Williams, Pawcatuck, CT

Michael Williamson Jr., Pawcatuck, CT

Justin P. Wing, Mystic, CT

Hannah R. Winograd, Ledyard, CT

Kelsey L. Wolfe, Hampton, CT

Timothy L. Wollenhaupt, Norwich, CT

Thomas J. Wynosky, Oakdale, CT

Rachanee Wysgoll, Putnam, CT

Xiaole Xu, Norwich, CT

Sergio G. Yraita, Norwich, CT

Jessica A. Zelasky, Lisbon, CT

Kevin A. Zeller, Plainfield, CT

Kevin M. Ziolkovski, Quaker Hill, CT

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