Fall 2017 Dean’s List Announced

Algebra studentThree Rivers Community College is pleased to release the Fall 2017 Dean’s List for publication. Congratulations to those students who made the Dean’s List this fall!

Students earn their place on the Dean’s List by receiving a 3.4 or higher grade point average based on a minimum of 12 credit hours.

The list of student names ordered by last name can be found below.  A list of student names in order by town can be found here.

List of Students by Last Name

David Barry, Mystic, CT

Brendan T. Aceto, Wethersfield, CT

Heather L. Adamec, Jewett City, CT

Chelsea V. Ahmed, Colchester, CT

Maximo Alfaro Rivera, New London, CT

Ali L. Ali, East Lyme, CT

William J. Allen Jr, Norwich, CT

Melissa E. Allen, North Windham, CT

Christian G. Allyn, Ledyard, CT

Isaiah M. Alvarado, Groton, CT

Luis E. Andino, Gales Ferry, CT

Maria M. Andrade, Norwich, CT

Christopher Annino, North Stonington, CT

Mackenzie L. Ansich, Lebanon, CT

Michael T. Arabic, Lisbon, CT

Erica J. Aragones, Norwich, CT

Madalyn T. Armstrong, Norwich, CT

Cody Artruc, Bozrah, CT

Lauren E. Atilano, Groton, CT

Emily A. Austin, Ledyard, CT

Brooke N. Avery, Preston, CT

Muhammad U. Azhar, Norwich, CT

Kam M. Babb, Norwich, CT

Selena M. Baker, Norwich, CT

Wesley A. Baldueza, Groton, CT

Lisa H. Baldwin, Oakdale, CT

Tylea C. Banks, Norwich, CT

Kim M. Barboza, Waterford, CT

Bear M. Barkhurst, Moosup, CT

Michael V. Bartelli, Waterford, CT

Charlene L. Baskerville, New London, CT

Christopher J. Bean, Canterbury, CT

Jason M. Beauregard, Danielson, CT

Laura A. Beck, Groton, CT

Clancy N. Benedict, Old Lyme, CT

Mackenzie C. Bentley, East Lyme, CT

Christopher M. Berg, Mystic, CT

Andrea M. Bergeson, Baltic, CT

Opumbir Bhinder, Waterford, CT

David J. Bibeau, Stonington, CT

Tara L. Billups, Norwich, CT

Rachel A. Bissonette, Coventry, CT

Matthew J. Blackburn, Uncasville, CT

David F. Blagden, Waterford, CT

Jessica L. Blantz, Griswold, CT

Darrell E. Blatche, Uncasville, CT

Amanda L. Boaz, Norwich, CT

Eryn Bosworth, Ivoryton, CT

Christina J. Bottomley, Norwich, CT

Christine M. Bouchard, Waterford, CT

Ashley M. Boucher, Columbia, CT

Laurie A. Bowers, Griswold, CT

Lydia L. Brady, Moosup, CT

Shadaya N. Bransford, Norwich, CT

Julia Breen, Norwich, CT

Brittany M. Brewster, Norwich, CT

Jacqueline E. Bright, Groton, CT

Joshua D. Broc, New London, CT

Vincent C. Brodeur, Mystic, CT

Jessi L. Brown, Groton, CT

Kevin Brown, Mystic, CT

Joshua M. Broyles, Moosup, CT

Samuel B. Bryant, Ledyard, CT

Rachel E. Bulgini, Clinton, CT

Ingrid D. Burdick, Uncasville, CT

Nicholas R. Burdick-Chapel, Hampton, CT

Adrianna B. Burroughs, Quaker Hill, CT

Rachael Burton, Ledyard, CT

Zaha Bush, Salem, CT

Jessica Butler, Pawcatuck, CT

Kristen Cables, Norwich, CT

Bryant A. Campos Sanchez, Taftville, CT

Meghan C. Carden, Middle Haddam, CT

Heather A. Carlsen, Norwich, CT

Heather A. Carroll, Groton, CT

Matthew J. Carroll, Lisbon, CT

Jarrett A. Cartell, Norwich, CT

Katie M. Caruso, Lebanon, CT

Ryan P. Casey, Uncasville, CT

Yoshimi Casiano, Norwich, CT

Bridney N. Casillas, New London, CT

Brittany A. Cassidy, Norwich, CT

Jean D. Celestin, Norwich, CT

Cody A. Chapman, Plainfield, CT

David W. Cheeseman, Niantic, CT

Jian Chen, New London, CT

Katelyn E. Chenail, Moosup, CT

Jordan M. Chenette, Griswold, CT

Justin Cheung, Norwich, CT

Abigail Christina, Bozrah, CT

Julie A. Cinami, Hampton, CT

Rebecca M. Cipriani, Baltic, CT

Andrew B. Clark, Brooklyn, CT

Tatiana M. Cloutier, New London, CT

Sabrea Collins, Baltic, CT

Jordan Comeau, Mystic, CT

Salina Connelly, North Stonington, CT

Rachael A. Constantine, Uncasville, CT

Benjamin A. Coombs, Oakdale, CT

Nathan T. Cormier, Norwich, CT

Shannon N. Cormier, Niantic, CT

Nicholas E. Corsi, Norwich, CT

Samantha A. Costley, Voluntown, CT

Heather M. Cote, New London, CT

Elise M. Couillard, Oakdale, CT

Julie Craig, Gales Ferry, CT

Peter A. Crizer, Waterford, CT

William G. Crogle, Mystic, CT

Caitlyn A. Cubilla, Norwich, CT

Rebecca A. Curioso, Pawcatuck, CT

Scott K. Danesi, Mystic, CT

Jessica L. Dauria, Oakdale, CT

Casey L. David, Waterford, CT

Courtney Davis, Lisbon, CT

Jaclyn T. Davis, Norwich, CT

Kendall L. Davis, Lisbon, CT

Nicole I. Davis, Plainfield, CT

Matthew R. Delamar, Norwich, CT

Grace M. DeLucia, Norwich, CT

Carolyn A. DeNoia, Waterford, CT

Morgan R. Deschamps, Norwich, CT

Brian G. Desjardins, Norwich, CT

Taylor Desjardins, Plainfield, CT

Katelyn R. DeVoe, Stonington, CT

Christina L. Dew, Groton, CT

Micaela K. Dinan, Norwich, CT

Brandon S. Dinsmore, East Lyme, CT

Alexis A. Donahue, Plainfield, CT

Christopher J. Donahue, Pawcatuck, CT

Julia K. Donatello, Lebanon, CT

David M. Donnelly, Branford, CT

John D. Donovan, New London, CT

Theodore Douglas, Niantic, CT

Jeffrey T. Dreimiller, Gales Ferry, CT

Isabel E. Dubert, Griswold, CT

Curt J. DuBois Jr, Canterbury, CT

John B. Dubreuil Jr., Ledyard, CT

Katherine A. Dudley, Norwich, CT

John A. Dwyer, Colchester, CT

Heather L. Dyer, Canterbury, CT

Kashem J. Edwards, Uncasville, CT

Jeffrey Ely, Uncasville, CT

Suzanne Erno, East Lyme, CT

Chris A. Espinal, Old Lyme, CT

Jael R. Estrella, Norwich, CT

Nicolle C. Estrella, Norwich, CT

Kelly M. Etheridge, Moosup, CT

Victoria K. Fallon, Waterford, CT

Lori A. Fella, Moosup, CT

Brooke M. Fitch, Plainfield, CT

Michael C. Flanagan, Moosup, CT

Aston S. Foley, Mystic, CT

Jessica L. Fontaine, Waterford, CT

Susan E. Fountaine, Groton, CT

Maria E. French, Voluntown, CT

Chelsea R. Freyer, Norwich, CT

Thomas J. Friedman, Groton, CT

Stephanie Frommelt, Norwich, CT

Kevin Gabriel, New London, CT

Damien Gagliano, Lebanon, CT

Haley R. Gagnon, Scotland, CT

Elizabeth P. Galan, Colchester, CT

Madison J. Gamache, Norwich, CT

Alexa M. Gardner, East Lyme, CT

Laci D. Gardner, Norwich, CT

Ari M. Gelfond, Taftville, CT

Christopher R. Gerk, Norwich, CT

Diane A. Giannelli, Norwich, CT

Eric J. Gilmore, New London, CT

Christa A. Girard, Griswold, CT

Melissa S. Girardin, Preston, CT

Jessica L. Goodman, Norwich, CT

Chandler L. Gottshall, Canterbury, CT

Nicole K. Grabner, Waterford, CT

Danuta B. Grabowska, Norwich, CT

Thomas A. Graziosi, Waterford, CT

Bernadette Grecki, Norwich, CT

Meghan M. Green, Groton, CT

Amanda N. Gregoire, Baltic, CT

Rachel E. Greiner, Griswold, CT

Emily R. Grout, New London, CT

Lesley A. Gushurst, Middletown, CT

Dharma Gyaltsen, Uncasville, CT

Danielle Hajj, Quaker Hill, CT

Patricia M. Hanson, Waterford, CT

Elizabeth M. Hasara, Uncasville, CT

Jessie A. Hatfield, Uncasville, CT

Sean M. Hayslip, Bozrah, CT

Brittney R. Hedges, Gales Ferry, CT

Curt A. Heon, Griswold, CT

Erin Hickey, Groton, CT

Jessica Hill, Waterford, CT

Ira C. Hillyer, Norwich, CT

Heather N. Hine, Preston, CT

Hang L. Ho, Groton, CT

Hien T. Ho, Groton, CT

Carl T. Hogsten, Gales Ferry, CT

Matthew J. Hovey, Westbrook, CT

Laure S. Hoza, Groton, CT

Andrea N. Hubley, Bozrah, CT

Jenna E. Hugh, Uncasville, CT

Brittany L. Hughes, Pawcatuck, CT

Michelle Hung, Norwich, CT

Alanna D. Insalaco, Central Village, CT

Marc O. Jacques, Chaplin, CT

Cameron Jaks, Lebanon, CT

Kalini Jankee, Norwich, CT

Brittany Jensen, Ledyard, CT

Chloe S. Johnson, Quaker Hill, CT

Holly C. Johnson, Willimantic, CT

Ryan H. Joly, Brooklyn, CT

Lydia L. Jones, Norwich, CT

Shannon L. Jones, Groton, CT

Zachary C. Jones, Groton, CT

Katelyn H. Kawabe, Ledyard, CT

Patrick M. Kearns, Voluntown, CT

Michael C. Keedy, Lebanon, CT

Michaela B. Keller, Norwich, CT

Holly L. Kelley, Uncasville, CT

Charity D. Kennedy, Niantic, CT

Kevin Keogh, Groton, CT

Debra S. Kerby, Griswold, CT

Maria C. Killiany, Plainfield, CT

Carter L. King, Mansfield Center, CT

Justin A. King, Colchester, CT

Christopher A. Knight, Jewett City, CT

Mark Knobel, Norwich, CT

Penelope Knowles, Pawcatuck, CT

Christina Y. Konstantinidis, Canterbury, CT

Charles P. Konz, Gales Ferry, CT

Hannah Kupis, Waterford, CT

Melissa Kuster, Colchester, CT

Tea Kutrolli, New London, CT

Amy Jo Labbe, Canterbury, CT

Nicole K. LaBrecque, Colchester, CT

Bethany LaFramboise, Canterbury, CT

Renee A. LaMotte, Niantic, CT

Kristen Landen, Norwich, CT

Rebecca S. Larose, Lebanon, CT

Erin E. LeCain, Quaker Hill, CT

Joshua G. Lechleitner, Groton, CT

Brittney M. LeClair, Baltic, CT

Owen D. Lehr, Uncasville, CT

Arin D. Lelevier, Groton, CT

Megan L. LeMay, Norwich, CT

John L. Letourneau, Lisbon, CT

Israel Levesque, Uncasville, CT

Laura C. Levis, Gales Ferry, CT

Troy A. Lewis, Uncasville, CT

Mary B. Lewis-Rivera, Uncasville, CT

Johnny Liang, Norwich, CT

Sierra M. Libby, Groton, CT

Ronald L. Licciardi Jr, Norwich, CT

Chi P. Lieu, Norwich, CT

Fengying Liu, Groton, CT

Lawrence J. Lizotte, Norwich, CT

Kimberly A. Long, Uncasville, CT

Melissa J. Loos, Centerbrook, CT

Susan A. Lopes, Pawcatuck, CT

Nicole C. Los, New London, CT

Nicholas T. Luberto, Windham, CT

Brooke Virginia Lundin, Plainfield, CT

Tan Dung Luong, Norwich, CT

Rebecca R. Lussier, Canterbury, CT

Jason G. MacEmcy, South Windham, CT

Kayla MacGregor, Mystic, CT

Kayla E. Macphail, Voluntown, CT

Kelsie L. Mahoney, Mystic, CT

Katelynne N. Main, Griswold, CT

Zachary D. Mairson, Willington, CT

Sarah A. Malboeuf, Central Village, CT

Christopher D. Mansfield, Norwich, CT

Christie P. Marien, Waterford, CT

Miranda L. Marriott, Griswold, CT

Phoebe E. Marsh, Preston, CT

Itzamar Martinez, Groton, CT

Rolando R. Martinez, Groton, CT

Sean Massett, Groton, CT

Rito J. Mathis, Mystic, CT

Emily A. May, Mystic, CT

Emerald J. Mayers, Norwich, CT

Andrew McCauley, Pawcatuck, CT

Lillian McCormick, Waterford, CT

Bobbi L. McGirr, East Lyme, CT

Emma R. McGuinness, Colchester, CT

Marilyn McNaughton, Ledyard, CT

Patrick A. Meagher, Dayville, CT

Dana B. Medina, Norwich, CT

Brandon C. Mehlinger, Jewett City, CT

Juan R. Melecio, Jewett City, CT

Danielle L. Mercado, East Lyme, CT

Phillip Michel, Jewett City, CT

Alexandra Michelson, Old Mystic, CT

John-Michael F. Milne, Wethersfield, CT

Lenka Minar, Pawcatuck, CT

Rachel I. Moniz, Norwich, CT

Nicholas Monroe, Ledyard, CT

Abigail Moran, Griswold, CT

Christopher Morgan, Ledyard, CT

Dylan M. Morris, Uncasville, CT

Nathanael L. Mowan, Uncasville, CT

Stephen R. Mowan, Uncasville, CT

LinLin Mu, Old Lyme, CT

Jolene C. Munroe, Norwich, CT

Robert L. Murray, Ledyard, CT

Maranda J. Musto, Norwich, CT

Nicholas C. Nado, Mystic, CT

Devon M. Nantais, Plainfield, CT

Caroline R. Neurath, Columbia, CT

Kenny V. Nguyen, Norwich, CT

Flore S. Norceide, Norwich, CT

Meghan J. Norcia, Gales Ferry, CT

Zachary R. Norris, Windham, CT

Sabrina Nowak, Storrs Mansfield, CT

Andrew R. Nyman, Norwich, CT

Jessica O’Brien, Taftville, CT

Jordan O’Meara, Colchester, CT

Lauren K. O’Neill, Waterford, CT

Timothy J. O’Reilly, Gales Ferry, CT

Leighanne Okpych, Preston, CT

Ashley M. Ortega, Mansfield Center, CT

Megan S. Ory, Waterford, CT

Brittni Palardy, Norwich, CT

Heather L. Palardy, Groton, CT

Roxanne P. Palladino, Brooklyn, CT

Giulia Parker, Groton, CT

Laura Parr, Preston, CT

Ayushiben B. Patel, Jewett City, CT

Steve K. Patel, Norwich, CT

Tvinkalben B. Patel, Danielson, CT

Vishal R. Patel, Groton, CT

Curtis Patsiga, Gales Ferry, CT

Cody A. Pearson, Griswold, CT

Kimberly D. Pedchenko, Plainfield, CT

Mariah A. Perez, Willimantic, CT

Daniel J. Perrotta, Mystic, CT

Shayla N. Perry, Norwich, CT

Mya K. Petchark, Waterford, CT

Samantha K. Peters, Ledyard, CT

Kevin Peterson, New London, CT

Lynn M. Petit, Dayville, CT

Cassidy E. Phillips, Norwich, CT

Heather N. Phillips, Norwich, CT

Sabrina T. Piccione, Groton, CT

Kelly L. Pierce, Quaker Hill, CT

Charles A. Pillsbury, Gales Ferry, CT

Corina M. Pinder, Groton, CT

Katelynne J. Pluss, Mystic, CT

Julianne Poirier, North Stonington, CT

Claudia M. Pozzi-Webb, Old Lyme, CT

Andres A. Prada, Norwich, CT

Alexander D. Prescott, North Franklin, CT

Hailey E. Priest, Moodus, CT

Carlos R. Quiles, Groton, CT

Austyn O. Ramsay, New London, CT

Jennifer E. Rein, Oakdale, CT

Tamara L. Renfro, Colchester, CT

Nathan Restor, Griswold, CT

Celeste A. Reyes, New London, CT

Jessica A. Reynolds, Quaker Hill, CT

Courtney S. Ridzon, Stafford Springs, CT

Victoria E. Rineer, Groton, CT

Nathaniel O. Rios, New London, CT

Rita M. Rivarola, Quaker Hill, CT

Marcelina L. Rivera, Groton, CT

Emily A. Rix, Voluntown, CT

Connor H. Robbins, Old Lyme, CT

Andrew P. Rodman, Preston, CT

Griselda Rodriguez, New London, CT

Nataliia Romanenko, Niantic, CT

Matthew X. Rosa, Norwich, CT

Nikolaos Rotas, Storrs Mansfield, CT

Stephanie R. Rounsaville, New London, CT

Sarah E. Royce, Taftville, CT

Cassidy G. Rubin, Waterford, CT

Adam B. Rugh, Old Mystic, CT

Karla M. Ruiz, Uncasville, CT

Travis W. Rybarick, Norwich, CT

Tyler K. Sabourin, Moosup, CT

David Salascruz, New London, CT

Vanessa L. Sanchez, Willimantic, CT

Joseph K. Sanford, Ledyard, CT

Alexandra A. Santiago, Griswold, CT

Sydney J. Santiago, Griswold, CT

Justin N. Sas, Griswold, CT

Sean R. Saunders, Bozrah, CT

Vanessa L. Savino, Windham, CT

Jessica E. Schend, Gales Ferry, CT

John L. Schmidt, Colchester, CT

Brittany L. Schmoegner, East Lyme, CT

Deja M. Sebastian, Ledyard, CT

Jessica C. Sevigny, Taftville, CT

Jade L. Shank, Norwich, CT

Matthew K. Shea, Waterford, CT

Steven Shenkle, Lebanon, CT

Jennifer A. Shiling, Preston, CT

Dustyn M. Shoar, Jewett City, CT

Carley Silvia, Waterford, CT

Myka B. Silvia, Pawcatuck, CT

Mark A. Simmert, Norwich, CT

Christopher P. Simonelli, Uncasville, CT

George T. Simones, Waterford, CT

Dylan J. Slattery, Waterford, CT

Bailey L. Smith, Norwich, CT

Sha’Quaysia J. Smith, New London, CT

Timothy J. Smith, Derby, CT

Cynthia N. Snider, New London, CT

Crystal J. Snyder, Ledyard, CT

Jason G. Soucie, Colchester, CT

Susan G. Spang, Salem, CT

John M. Spence, Uncasville, CT

Alison St. Jean, Plainfield, CT

Erin M. Stankiewicz, Marlborough, CT

Rachel L. Stephenson, Uncasville, CT

Brittany L. Stickman, Voluntown, CT

Charles E. Straut, Amston, CT

Christopher C. Strickland, Uncasville, CT

Chao Sun, Mystic, CT

John R. Szruba, Moosup, CT

Susan Tabele-Kolbenheyer, Pawcatuck, CT

Joshua T. Tanguay, Uncasville, CT

Kirsten A. Tattersall, Canterbury, CT

Eric A. Taylor, East Lyme, CT

Kristin M. Tenety, New London, CT

Mwata M. Thompson, Uncasville, CT

Ryan G. Tirocchi, Lisbon, CT

Justin T. Toland, Pawcatuck, CT

Alexis J. Tomasto, Norwich, CT

Nolan Tonucci, Griswold, CT

Herminia L. Torre, North Stonington, CT

Mark J. Trask, Norwich, CT

Melinda S. Trask, Moosup, CT

Devon S. Tripp, Jewett City, CT

Aliyah M. Tschopp, Uncasville, CT

Alix A. Turner, Lyme, CT

Morgan Turner, Griswold, CT

Paul A. Urbanowicz, Lebanon, CT

Contessia R. Vaillencourt, Norwich, CT

Michael Vangorder, Pawcatuck, CT

Melisa Velasquez, Voluntown, CT

Ariedne Velez, Norwich, CT

Ysabelle C. Ventura, New London, CT

Samantha Venturo, Norwich, CT

Vanessa Verrilli, West Haven, CT

Joseph C. Victorino, Mystic, CT

Lisa M. Viele, Lebanon, CT

Casey E. Viens, Jewett City, CT

Jhanira N. Villanueva, Uncasville, CT

Ian Violette, Canterbury, CT

Arthur P. Volanth, North Haven, CT

Benjamin Volk, Pawcatuck, CT

Erick S. Wakely, Groton, CT

Jessica L. Walker, Preston, CT

Travis O. Walls, Uncasville, CT

Hannah Walsh, Ledyard, CT

Jennifer A. Ward, Uncasville, CT

Robert W. Warren, Waterford, CT

Allison J. Watrous, Norwich, CT

Renee J. Watrous, Hanover, CT

Sheldon M. Watrous, Ledyard, CT

Melissa Wawrzynowicz, Taftville, CT

Brianna N. Weaver, Salem, CT

April Weeman, Oakdale, CT

Brandon H. Wenzel, Ledyard, CT

Jennafer L. Williams, Norwich, CT

Tracey Willis, Quaker Hill, CT

Kelsey M. Wilson, New London, CT

Matthew H. Wise, Voluntown, CT

Alexandra L. Wisniewski, Groton, CT

Meghan L. Wood, Colchester, CT

Tina M. Woodall, Pawcatuck, CT

Joane B. Woodhall, New London, CT

Nicholas E. Wycoff, Ledyard, CT

Elizabeth M. Wyland, Voluntown, CT

Emily Yanker, New London, CT

Sergio G. Yraita Jr., Norwich, CT

Siyoung Yu, Storrs, CT

Stacey L. Yuchniuk, Franklin, CT

Bethany A. Zahner, Norwich, CT

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