Fall Accelerated Classes Now Open for Registration

There is still time to fit in a class at Three Rivers Community College this fall. Three Rivers offers 14 accelerated classes that begin later in the semester and are taught over a shorter period of time, 7- or 12-weeks.

Accelerated Classes at TRCCClasses cover a variety of subjects and range from Elementary and Intermediate Algebra to Composition, US History II, General Psychology and more. It is a fast way to squeeze in more credits to put towards a degree or certificate. The full list of classes can be found at www.threerivers.edu/accelerated. Accelerated courses cover the same amount of information and require the same number of class hours that a typical full semester 15-week course does.

Returning students can register for a class at myCommNet.edu; new students will need to apply to the school. For more information and to register for these classes, call 860-215-9016 or visit www.threerivers.edu/accelerated for a full list of classes.

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