Accelerated Spring Classes Starting in February and March Open for Registration at Three Rivers Community College

Three Rivers Community College offers accelerated courses that are taught over a shorter period of time, 7 or 12 weeks, and begin February 16 and March 23. These classes cover the same amount of information but on a fast-tracked timeline.

Classes cover a variety of subjects and range from Elementary and Intermediate Algebra to Composition, Ethics, World Regional Geography and more. It is a fast way to squeeze in more credits to put towards a degree or certificate. The full list of classes can be found Accelerated courses are worth an equal amount of credit, cover the same amount of information, and require the same number of class hours that a typical full semester 15-week course does.

Returning students can register for a class at myCommNet; new students will need to apply to the college. For more information and to register for these classes, call 860-215-9016 or visit which includes a full list of accelerated classes.

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