College Career Pathways


The College Career Pathways (CCP) program is a concurrent, or dual, enrollment program for high school students administered by Three Rivers Community College (TRCC). Students gain exposure to the academic challenges of college while in their familiar high school environment, earning college credit and a college transcript when they successfully complete the course. Concurrent enrollment supports the collaboration between high school teachers and college faculty, thus encouraging the alignment of secondary and postsecondary curriculum.

CCP Instructors

CCP courses are taught during the regular high school day by qualified high school teachers who have been certified as adjunct instructors for TRCC by corresponding academic departments.

CCP Courses

CCP courses taught by high school instructors are as rigorous as the TRCC on-campus counterpart. TRCC and each high school collaborate to ensure the content, assignments, and assessments of CCP courses is the same as courses offered on the TRCC campus.

CCP Students

When enrolled in a CCP course, you become a TRCC student and you are responsible for all the policies that affect students enrolled at TRCC. Please review the Student Handbook.


The CCP program allows credits you earn in high school to be applied toward your college education. These college credits can be applied toward a program of study at Three Rivers Community College OR another college or university.

The College Career Pathways Advantage

  • Free College Credits in High School
  • Save money on college tuition
  • Graduate from college early
  • Reduce your course load while in college
  • An opportunity for career exploration; you can try a greater variety of courses
  • Graduate high school with a college transcript – a plus when applying to college or for a job
  • Immediate acceptance to Three Rivers Community College
  • Demonstrate to college admissions officials that you are capable to succeeding in college-level courses
  • Preparation for highly skilled, high paying jobs; College Career Pathways focuses on math, science, communications, and career related skills necessary to become prepared for continued education and the competitive job market