Psychology Studies, A.A. – CSCU Pathway Transfer Degree

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TRCC Psychology Transfer Student Sally Gallagher

“I’ve been blown away by the quality of education at Three Rivers. I haven’t been bored once. I have been challenged and felt appreciated.

I’ve never felt left out or undervalued as a student. I’ve always felt respected in every department from student services to financial aid to my professors.”

Sally Gallagher

Psychology Transfer

This program is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in the area of Psychology Studies.  Upon completion of this Transfer Ticket Psychology Studies degree program, you will be able to transfer seamlessly to colleges within the Connecticut College State University system, being guaranteed full junior status in your pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in the same discipline, without losing any credits or being required to take extra credits upon transfer.

Special Opportunities

With this degree you will be able to transfer, apply to competitive admissions majors, and complete your BA/BS degree in the same time and with the same course requirements as students who start at a CSU or COSC.

Easy Transfer Options

These degrees guarantee full junior status, no loss of credits, and no need to take extra credits.

· Central Connecticut State University – Psychological Science, B.A.
· Eastern Connecticut State University – Psychology, B.S.
· Southern Connecticut State University – Psychology, B.A.
· Western Connecticut State University – Psychology, B.A.
· Charter Oak College – Psychology, B.S.

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Case Management Certificate


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