Briahna  Borysewicz

2021 Graduate Profile

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  • Erin

    Hi Briahna!! It was so nice to meet you, and to get to know you better as teaching assistants! You have been so kind and helpful even though we had to do it all through Blackboard lol. I hope you have a great Summer and I wish you luck for the Fall!

  • Ethan

    Congrats B! Love You!

  • Rachel Gonet

    We could not be more proud of all of your accomplishments, Bree! Your heart, perseverance & work ethic are second to none! We love you and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. You deserve the very best the world has to offer.
    Love you always, Mom & Chris

  • Bill & Terry Borysewicz

    Congratulations Briahna! You’ve worked hard, and we’re so proud of you. Beautiful picture!

  • Beth Borysewicz

    Congratulations Briahna❤️ We are all so proud of you!! Keep reaching for the stars 🌟 Can’t wait to cheer you on as you continue your education at Central! Love You! Love Aunt Beth, Uncle Andrew, Nolan, Warren and Claire 💕

  • Michael Borysewicz

    Briaha, congratulations. Good luck at Central. Mike and Suzanne

  • Sr. Alexandria

    Congratulations, Briahna! It was really nice working with you these past semesters. Thank you for all the help! You have been so kind and laid back. Congratulations and good luck as you continue your Spanish!

  • Professor Arrieta

    Felicitaciones, Briahna!! 🎓 Esto es el resultado de mucho esfuerzo y dedicación. Tu talento en ayudar a otros y tu paciencia para enseñar van a seguir construyendo la maravillosa educadora que ya eres. ⭐️ He sido afortunada de ser tu Profesora y mentora, y en trabajar juntas tantos años. Estoy muy orgullosa de ti! Muchísimo éxito en toda tu carrera y que seas siempre muy feliz 💐
    La Profesora

Graduate Guest Book

Briahna  Borysewicz
Spanish Studies, A.A.

Current Residence :

Quaker Hill


Spanish Studies, A.A.

I will also be graduating with the following additional degree(s) and certificates

Liberal Arts and Sciences, A.A.

Year of Graduation:


I wanted to earn my degree because:

I want to be able to further my knowledge and communication in the Spanish language and culture and to then be able to teach that knowledge to others.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:

Mom, Chris, Ethan, and Profesora. Thank you for staying by my side and helping me keep the motivation to get where I am today. Your support is a huge reason why I was able to accomplish this.

I’d like to give a shout out to:

My pets! All five of them: our beloved Maverick who passed too soon, his sisters Agnes, Charlee, and Jello, and his little brother Booger. You all understand me more than people do, and I love you more than you'll know!

What I like best about my degree program and what it means to me is:

I like that my degree program gave me the opportunity to learn all of the grammar with the Spanish language, but it also allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge of Hispanic culture. I love that it led me to find my passion in this language and culture, and sharing it with others!

What I enjoyed most about my experience at Three Rivers Community College was:

The professors. So many of my professors were thoughtful, generous, and caring for us as students. It made my experience more meaningful and enjoyable, and it helped me to feel really welcome here.

Clubs, volunteer work, organizations that I participated in while at Three Rivers included:

I participated in weekly meetings with the Mind Your Mental Health club during my first year. I also was treasurer for the club. It was a great experience as we held events to promote awareness for better mental health and provide resources for students.

I plan to use my degree to:

Transfer to a four-year college. I'll be transferring to Central in the fall to complete my bachelor's degree.

Now that I have completed college, I’m most looking forward to:

Continuing college! I'm very excited to continue my education and further my knowledge about Spanish. I'm excited that I am one step closer to becoming a teacher and being able to pass down this knowledge to young kids.

What I’ll miss most about Three Rivers is:

Being a Teaching Assistant here. I loved the community of students here and being able to work with them every day in the Spanish classes was a true blessing. I have so many wonderful memories from it and I will always hold on to those so closely!