Jack  Adille

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Jack  Adille
General Studies, A.S.

Current Residence :

Groton, CT


General Studies, A.S.

Year of Graduation:


I wanted to earn my degree because:

I wanted to get my general education out of the way and explore different subject areas outside my intended major.

While earning my degree, my greatest supporters were:

my family, friends, girlfriend

I’d like to give a shout out to:

my old high school counselor for sending my transcripts to all the schools I applied to.

What I like best about my degree program and what it means to me is:

I was able to make connections with different professors and different students of all backgrounds. Earning this degree meant that I was well rounded as a college student.

What I enjoyed most about my experience at Three Rivers Community College was:

I enjoyed having the freedom to pick my own classes and own schedule. I also enjoyed student events that were hosted on campus.

I plan to use my degree to:

take advantage of the knowledge I have gained from some of my classes and apply them to real world applications.

Now that I have completed college, I’m most looking forward to:

I'm most looking forward to transferring and moving to the city to study film production and business marketing at San Francisco State University.

What I’ll miss most about Three Rivers is:

At Three Rivers, I will miss the small class sizes, and supportive professors.