$20,000 vs $2,278 or less

$20,000 vs $2,278 or less, same basic courses, all online. What’s your choice?

This is the fall semester you were planning …

You’re looking forward to starting your freshman year at your selected 4-year college. You’ve been accepted, you’re going to get the full on-campus experience, you’re hoping to be assigned to a dorm,

This is the reality …$20,000 vs $2,278


Chance are, you’ll be at home taking your basic required college courses online from your 4-year college. And paying as much as $20,000 or more for tuition and fees!

Instead, you could be taking the same basic required courses and paying only $2,278 for tuition and fees. That’s a real savings that could go to pay for your on-campus college experience when they reopen.

Don’t spend big bucks on tuition if you can’t get your on-campus experience this fall.

Go locally to Three Rivers, take your basic required courses that will transfer, and get your on-campus experience in 2021 when their costs become worth the expense. Learn more about tuition expenses here.

Here’s what you’ll get at Three Rivers …

Academics that will challenge you

Courses at Three Rivers are not sleep-through throwaways. They’re rigorous, offering the same 3-credits when you’re done. And if you’re starting your college career this fall, the first few semesters are mostly general education courses that all colleges and universities require.

Fulfill your basic requirements with courses like:

  • Financial Accounting (ACC 115)
  • Microbiology (BIO 235)
  • Business Law (BBG 231)
  • Organic Chemistry (CHE 211)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (CSC 241)
  • Women Writers (ENG 261)
  • Calculus (MAT 254)
  • Constitutional Law & Civil Rights (POL 212)
  • World Issues (SOC 218)

So, you can take your general education courses with us and transfer them to your four-year college, all for a fraction of the cost. You’ll still get that on-campus experience when things re-open in 2021. See a full list of our course offerings here.

Note: Please note, check with your future institution to ensure they will accept the credits first. 

Faculty that care about YOUR Success

At Three Rivers, you will never be taught by graduate students. You’ll take classes with faculty who work here because they love teaching. Plus, you’ll learn in small classrooms that average 20 students, not 100-200 student lecture halls, and receive individual attention. The faculty at Three Rivers will know you by your name, not as a number.

Many of our faculty have real world experience as professionals in their fields. Our faculty include a Fulbright Scholar, a poet laureate,  nursing award-winners, the head of an accounting firm, and an engineer whose pandemic design increased the capacity of ventilators.

Kim Moore, a recent graduate from the Nursing Program, said, “From the moment I came here, every professor, every person that works here was dedicated to making me the best possible person I could be.”

And of course, the cost is significant. Why pay $20,000 for a semester of online classes when you could spend $2,278?

You can take the same required classes you’d take at your 4-year college at Three Rivers for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you can transfer those credits to the college of your choice.

Learn more about tuition expenses here. You might even qualify for financial aid and pay even less.

Stay for two years, and seamlessly transfer to CT State Universities

Our Pathway Transfer Degrees programs allow students to earn an associate degree at Three Rivers and then seamlessly transfer on to Connecticut State Universities (Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western) and Charter Oak State College without losing any credits.In the process, students save anywhere from $13,000 to $60,000.  Learn more about Transferring your Three Rivers degree to a university.

Plus, Charter Oak will charge you the same tuition rate that you pay at Three Rivers for your junior and senior year. Learn more here.

Study at home and stay safe. You can do it at a fraction of the cost.

Enrolling is easy. Learn all about it here.