Adult Learners

It’s never too late for college.

Now it’s your time to get the education you need for growing careers that are hiring.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. We’ll get you there.

Are you considering going to college or looking to finish what you once started? Whether it’s been four years or 40, we’ll help you build a better future. We’ll get you there.

We’ve helped thousands of students graduate, even those that had difficulty in high school. And, more than 40% of our students are over the age of 24, so you won’t be alone.

What Three Rivers Offers Adult Learners

We understand that “going back to school” can seem overwhelming. That’s why as a Three Rivers student, you’ll have the greatest chance of success. Three Rivers offers:

Lowest tuition in Connecticut

  • Our cost-per-college credit is among the most affordable anywhere. And that’s before financial aid. Whether you attend full time or take one or two courses, our rates are substantially less than state universities and private colleges.
  • Free Tuition if you’re a first-time, full-time student.
  • With Financial Aid, over 70% of students pay close to nothing for tuition and fees, and another 10% have 75% of their costs paid for.

Academic and Workforce programs that lead to jobs.

Programs in business, health care, computer programming, social work, manufacturing and more.

“When I was young, I allowed myself to become distracted from my education. For many years I had talked about going back, but I never did anything about it. I finally decided that I needed to do more for my family and for myself. One day, I walked into Three Rivers and three years later, here I am.” – Christopher Jon Bean, Engineering Science, A.S. 2020

Credit for your Prior Learning

Flexible Course Options

Fit your education into your work and family obligations.

Customized, Personal Advising

Your advisor will develop a plan just for you.

Finance your Education

Yes, you can afford college! Learn more about:

  • Financial Aid – “71% of the students who apply for financial aid … pay close to nothing for tuition and fees … and another 10% have 75% of their costs paid for.” Richard Balducci, Chair of Board of Regents Finance Committee, Connecticut State Community College
  • Scholarships
  • Loans

Use Student Support Services to help you succeed

Linda Mossberg, 2020 Graduate

“Three Rivers has enabled me to do something I never thought I could – be a college student. I was a poor student in high school and I always felt it would be depressing to try again, but I did well at TRCC, graduating magna cum laude!” – Linda Mossberg, Graphic Design, A.S. 2020

Apply and get our help every step of the way.

  • Apply today and get accepted this week!
  • It’s always FREE to apply.
  • Guaranteed acceptance with a high school degree or a GED

Get started now.

Meet with an Admissions Counselor and learn more.

Don’t worry. There’s no commitment. Just get the information you need.

Feel like you’re ready to go to college.

Then, Apply Now.


Contact an Admissions Advisor at or 860-215-9020.

Adult Learners Are

  • usually 24 or older,
  • have postponed going to college for at least one year following high school,
  • may have thought they could not succeed at college,
  • or may have tried college but life got in the way,
  • usually employed full-time,
  • looking to improve their professional careers and their family’s circumstances

If this is you, then we can help you achieve your goals through a successful education at Three Rivers.