Project Management Foundations

Project Management Foundations

What is Project Management Foundations?

Are your days filled with juggling projects, staff, customers, and your “day job”? Do you need some help engaging your teams, staff, and colleagues in various activities related to your projects? Do you need to improve communication with staff, colleagues, management, vendors, and business partners?

Then Project Management Foundations is for you. Welcome!

Course Description

Project management is the activity of planning, organizing, and managing tasks and people to achieve the specific goals of a project. Join us for a 4-hour practical and tactical course on project management best practices during which you’ll:

  • Begin with a focus on defining what project management is and how it will benefit both you and your organization,
  • Learn the various phases of a project lifecycle from project initiation through planning and execution, monitoring, and finally closing the project.
  • Gain insights into the knowledge areas contained within the practice of project management, including scope planning and management, stakeholder identification and communication, risk analysis and response planning, communication plan development, and quality management techniques.

Additionally, because all projects introduce change, we will be studying the impacts of a successful change management program to ensure that the stakeholders are as pleased with the project as you are! You will also be introduced to numerous tools and techniques to help you effectively manage project activities.

Attending this project management training session will help you to:

  • Identify and manage project goals, objectives, and risks
  • Establish a comprehensive communication plan for everyone involved in the project
  • Develop schedules using various resources – staff, consultants, volunteers, vendors
  • Determine success criteria and quality standards
  • Introduce techniques in helping staff, volunteers and customers adapt to change.

Course Schedules

Spring 2022 CRN#: 14528

  • Instructor: Mary Beth Imbarrato, MBI Consulting
  • Instructional Method: LRON (Live Remote) – These classes are similar to traditional classes except they are fully online. You attend LRON classes at the scheduled times with your professor and classmates in a Zoom-like session. For more information about Instructional Methods, visit here.
  • Date: Thursday, 3/3/22
  • Time: 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Room: Online
  • Cost: $360.00. Textbook included.
  • Registration deadline: 2/27/22

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